Finding fun in simple ways makes the happiest days.

One day while I was hiking in the Presidio in San Francisco, I came across this lovely orange poppy, the state flower of California.  That night I thought, wouldn’t a blog on simple treasures be great?

Therefore, I would like to cherish and share in this blog many of the simple encounters which appeal to my senses and give me joy, serenity and well-being.  I would also share some of the nice experiences and places in the Bay Area, California and in other countries I travel.

When we recall fond memories, we re-experience positive feelings, and have a greater sense of belonging and meaning in our lives.

Thank you for reading and sharing your comments!

Have a lovely day!

18 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your blog! Thank you for all the wonderful inspirational pictures, recipes, and quotes you are sharing! I also wanted to ask you what blog design you are using? I love it! Thanks, Jamie

    • Thanks so much Jamie for liking my blog! I really appreciate your feedback. The theme I use is called “Forever” and is actually good for a “Wedding” theme. I notice a lot of other bloggers use this theme too. You can check out a blogger’s theme by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page. Thanks for visiting again!

    • Thanks very much! I believe to change colours on all your links and categories, go to your Dashboard, you can click on Theme Options on the left, and change link colour. Hope it works.

    • Thanks so much, Thomas! Your blog is very inspiring. Like you, I also work in a fast-paced environment, the stock and bond markets, and so I like to remember the simple and nice things in life.

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  3. I made the switch to a self hosting site recently but transferring followers doesn’t come with the package. Would you consider taking a look and following me again at my new spot…same name different address? Nice to see your blog again. Following you now from the new place. Thanks. Linda

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