Finding gratitude in plants

Not just “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but treasure the small stuff!

In the recent rainy days of San Francisco, I particularly enjoy seeing the flowers and trees – they are extremely lush, colorful, and useful.

Beautiful peach blossoms in front of the Ferry Building in San Francisco


Trees lining the pavement acting as rain shelter!


Lovely idea for your balcony – taken from a page in a book (sorry can’t remember the title)


Arranging Flowers Like a Pro

To all flowers lovers including yours truly, here is a short and sweet video to how to arrange flowers like a pro from Food52 for your parties and just pure bliss at home.  Play around with your glass containers, bud vase, egg vase, canning jars, etc. for beautiful arrangements on your tabletops, shelves, and fireplaces!

Courtesy of

The first completed road in British Hong Kong

When I was travelling in Hong Kong in February, I took a good look at the road I stepped on almost daily every time I was in HK (but usually no stopping), the Hollywood Road.  This road was the second road to be built after the British took over Hong Kong, but the first to be completed. describes the Hollywood Road vividly:

A popular street for travelers in central Hong Kong, Hollywood Road is known for it’s many local shops and open-air vendors, where you can purchase a wide range of curios, include pro-Maoist memorabilia, to bring back home to the weekday warriors that couldn’t make the trip. The first road to be completed in the original British settlement in Hong Kong, this is also the best place to find a resurgence of contemporary art, with a number of fine galleries from one end of the street to the other. Also of interest is Hong Kong’s oldest temple, Man Mo, a bounty of culture amongst the “antique” stores of the area. For those who need to escape the traffic and gawking, there is Hollywood Road Park at the western end of the thoroughfare [editor: this park is peaceful and gorgeous!]

Here are some pictures to feed your imaginations:


Even the chairs and the screen at Starbucks (last 2 photos) go with the antique theme – fun in a combination of the modern and old worlds.

New Year, New Luck, New Project

Happy New Year of the Monkey!  May this year be the year when your best of dreams come true, and a year filled with great happiness, wealth, and health!  If you know your zodiac sign, you can check out your luck this year here and you can see what the character of your zodiac sign means (keep scrolling down).

In celebrating a New Year, I am also doing a project which I have been thinking for a little while.  I would like to make a PDF booklet gathering from a group of friends your health tips/habits that have made a difference to your health and energy, your favourite wellness food and drinks, yummy recipes, and apps or tools that you cannot live without, etc. Then I would love to share among us.

If you would like to contribute, please fill in this survey and let me know by the end of February, 2016.  Here’s to health and wellness!  Thank you so much!

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2 recipes (sweet) I am dying to make

As you can see I love to record what I cherish on my blog; these are often simple and pleasant sceneries, activities, objects, food, drinks or tips that I love to always come back to.

Here are 2 sweet recipes I am eager to make:

1. Sweet potato kale ball from Ricki Heller’s blog.

Mix coconut milk, cumin, onion bits, granulated garlic, sea salt, chopped kale into the steamed and mashed sweet potato, and then mold into little balls.  Sprinkle some grounded flax seeds on top.  Then bake for 20-25 minutes.  Sounds delicious and healthy!

2.  Chocolate on Baguette from Allrecipes.

Cut slices from the baguette, drizzle some olive oil and put them in the oven for about 2 minutes. Then put a piece of dark, bittersweet chocolate on top and then bake for another 2 minutes (6 inches away from heat source.) Alternatively, melt the dark chocolate with olive oil in a pot and then put the sauce onto the baguette.  Sprinkle some sea salt, add some orange zest (optional) and enjoy! If you are gluten-free, there is a recipe to make Gluten-free and egg-free baguette!

Chocolate on baguette