Tumeric and Little Friends Called M.

A beautiful food blog post came along a couple of months ago and discussed one of my favourite spices – tumeric – and mentioned this NY Times article called “Some of my Best Friends are Germs” by Michael Pollen.  Who are these little friends?  These are called microbes, and we have 100 trillion of them inside our body (mainly in the gut), more than the number of cells in our bodies. Many thinks the study of microbiome is going to be the major focus of medicine in the coming years.  These little beings help to develop our immune system, assist with motility, maintain healthy intestinal lining, help with digestion and even produce nutrients such as vitamins B and K, and control fat absorption.  They even affect your mood and emotions (source: Dr. Jill’s blog). They are no wonder our best friends, and we need to keep them happy, not grouchy.  Trust and check your gut feelings.

How to keep them happy?  Experts say we should load up on pre-biotics, which are veggies/fibre, and then consume good probiotics and fermented food, and definitely avoid processed food and reduce sugar.

This brings to my real subject today which is cooking with the microbiota-happy tumeric!  Tumeric have many benefits (a good description can be found here.)

  1.  Tumeric cashew recipe by Heidi Swanson – this is so simple to make yet so delicious.  A must-try.
Courtesy of 101 Cookbooks

2.  Healing egg avocado salad spiced up with tumeric by Dr. Mark Hyman – this is so creamy, delicious and filling.  It is beneficial to you and very easy to make.

Courtesy of Dr. Hyman's Mark's Kitchen blog
Courtesy of Dr. Hyman’s Mark’s Kitchen blog

I love poke

I was much inspired by this post by one of my favourite food bloggers: nourishedkitchen.com, and so I “made” my first poke (pronounced as POH-keh.)  Poke is a local Hawaiian favourite and is fresh, raw ahi tuna marinated in various combinations of asian sauces, seaweed, roe, onion, green onion, seasoning, and essentially whatever you think is delicious.  Poke is both hot and cold, raw and cooked, served with steamed rice or sushi rice.

I have bought some sushi, and rainbow roll for dinner, but instead of just eating it the normal way, one piece after next, I decided to pick apart all the raw fish and make a poke.


Raw ahi tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellow tail (your favourite raw fish) cut into small pieces

Macadamia nuts – finely chopped

Green onion – chopped nicely


Sesame seed

Avocado or tahini paste (since I don’t have avocado)

For the sauce:

Squeeze the juice of half an orange

Red chili flakes or cayenne pepper

Sesame Oil

Pink sea salt or Tamari soy sauce


1.  Steam some white rice or short grain Japanese sushi rice (in my case I took the easy way out and just put the leftover rice at the bottom of my bowl.)

2. Toss your raw fish with the avocado (or tahini), macadamia nuts, and chopped green onion.  Then pour the sauce on top and marinate.

3. Put the fish marinate over the rice and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

Voila!  A beautiful poke.  Perfect for the summer months.


For a discussion of a more elaborate way of making poke, please read here.

Something Precious: Book Covers

Featured Image -- 2051


Small cherishes like this can really make a huge impact. Thank you Kellie for the great idea.

Originally posted on LE ZOE MUSINGS:

When Graham & Brown asked me to curate a precious-themed post, I immediately thought about Zoey. She is always on my mind but lately has been gaining extra mommy mind time. I’ve been thinking a lot about the next upcoming months and the new adventures that await her. She’s officially starting Pre-K this Fall. I can’t believe that that’s remotely reality. Four years fly by in a blink of an eye.

Our hospital ride home as a new family was one I would never ever forget. It wasn’t because I was so happy for this new addition but because I was in such much physical pain that every small bump on the road hit me like a ton of bricks. As I was balling my eyes out, Zoey was also crying and screaming in her car seat. The ride home was anything but pleasant.

Fast forward to today, Zoey is…

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Weekday Scenes in San Francisco

We finally have some nice and warm days in San Francisco this week. In the past two weeks, we thought that the summer would never come again as it was cold, grim, and a little rainy.

Here are a few scenes from good old downtown/ financial district of San Francisco to give you a flavour what ordinary and working citizens enjoy here, and it is not all about Uber or Google:Food trucks are very San Franciscan. There are more people queuing up for food trucks than in restaurants! Food trucks that sell good coffee are the most popular! 

Sushi Burrito is definitely in! San Franciscans love sushi and burritos, and therefore comes Sushiritto combining Asian and Latin flavour in one bite. More and more of these shops are springing up-did you know that sushi means vinegared rice and not the raw fish or other ingredients that come with it? So sushi burrito has the rice but nothing raw. The ingredients are oh so innovative and yummy, like this curry chicken katsu with Jalapeños, avocado, and Perivian purple potatoes.

The other popular concept here is community banks. The chic Portland-based Umpqua Bank has expanded to San Francisco.  They not only have normal banking services but also catered community events on science, environmental and science topics for the community, and allow clients to book their conference rooms, and everyone to enjoy free coffee.

Now to get San Franciscans to go out at night these days is a bit of a stretch as many are glued to their cable TV or local bar to watch the NBA basketball games.  Our own Warriors will have the chance to win the NBA finals after 40 years! Their knockoff T-shirts are selling quick. Then there is the Friday rush hour traffic- bad but nevertheless not awful. Cars are flowing across the waterfront and commuters are hopping onto the ferry to go back home to Sausalito, Tiburon, Oakland, or Larkspur.   

And the lovely hill (and walk) of downtown San Francisco. 

How about relaxing in a park under the sun for lunch.  


How to make vegetables tasty?

This is not a question just for kids but for many of us adults.  We all know vegetables are good for us, and we should try to eat the rainbow everyday – see the colourful nutrient chart below.

Courtesy of Chasing Delicious.
Courtesy of Chasing Delicious.

Most people do not like vegetables because the way they are cooked makes them bland and flavourless.  After reading the blog of George Mateljan and his very comprehensive and beautiful book The World’s Healthiest Food, I learn new ways of cooking vegetables.  The trick is to chop up the veggie (and garlic) first and let them sit for 5 minutes for more health benefits and not to cook them for too long and make sure they retain their colour on the outside and the crispiness on the inside.

He has advocated “healthy saute” – instead of oil, put a few tablespoons of chicken and veggie broth and let them sizzle, then saute your veggie for a few minutes.  Add some sea salt for taste.  Another way is to steam the vegetables for no more than 2-5 minutes. I usually steam my veggie together with garlic.  Then you can put some extra virgin olive oil on top and sprinkle some lemon juice and sea salt (Himalayan) over the steamed veggie.  If you like to eat raw salad, my favourite salad dressing is to mix up chopped garlic with tahini (sesame paste), miso paste, lime, and extra virgin olive oil.  Heavenly!

What is your favourite way of cooking veggie?

Spring Garden and Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day with gratitude to all the mothers and care-givers, whether mothers or not! Your time and commitment are so appreciated!

A couple of days ago, I was in Las Vegas again attending a conference. The weather was much cooler than expected, and as usual the place was fun and filled with energy and colour.

I was very impressed by the Japanese spring garden at the Bellagio Hotel where lots of mothers and daughters and couples were taking great pictures.

The garden was a delight to walk through and the performers were playing Jazz music in a Kimono.

Spring is where you make it to be!  Make it in your heart.



And of course I have to include the famous Bellagio water fountain dancing with the music.