Super Immunity Mushroom Soup

I was really inspired by Jules Clancy’s recent post and her mushroom soup recipe, so I want to share it here.   Jules took the time to read an anti-cancer book because one of her blog readers, a cancer patient, recommended her that book and asked if she had any anti-cancer recipes based on the book.  Mushroom contains anti-cancer agents.  For example, the shiitake mushroom contains an anti-cancer compound, potentially stimulating the immune system and triggering some cells and proteins to attack cancer cells.   Mushroom should be used for more than a pizza or burger topping!

I made the really simple mushroom soup tonight which was so smooth and delicious!   The soup is super healthy too, and I felt more energetic after drinking it.  I adapted from Jules’ recipes:


2 onions, peeled & chopped
2 cloves garlic, peeled & chopped
500g (1lb) mushrooms [I use a variety of mushrooms – shiitake, button and enoki], sliced
3 cups white or green tea or water

1.  Boil some hot water to make the tea.

2.  Fry the onions and garlic in the pot with a generous amount of olive oil until onions are soft.  Then pour in the mushroom and keep stirring.

3.  Pour the boiled water into the pot.  Then put some tea leaves into the mushroom mixture as well, so essentially cooking the mushroom at the same time of boiling the tea.  [I decided not to boil the tea first because it is not healthy to re-boil the tea in the soup].  Cook the soup until the mushrooms are soft, pot uncovered. [For people who prefer puree, blend the mixture].

4.  Use a generous amount of salt and some white pepper to taste.

(Instead of showing a picture of the mushroom soup, I think the beautiful and artistic mushroom picture is much more interesting, courtesy of Taylor Lockwood).


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