Some of My Favourite Colours

With the summer months upon us, everything looks so vibrant and colourful under the sun and the beautiful weather.

Some of the colours that have sparked joy in my life are captured here:

Beauties in the San Francisco Farmers Market
Just right along the curb in front of my apartment building
San Francisco CIty Hall at night
Stained glass in the French restaurant Jeanne D’Arc in San Francisco
The magical Bellagio Hotel water fountain in Las Vegas

Spring Garden and Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day with gratitude to all the mothers and care-givers, whether mothers or not! Your time and commitment are so appreciated!

A couple of days ago, I was in Las Vegas again attending a conference. The weather was much cooler than expected, and as usual the place was fun and filled with energy and colour.

I was very impressed by the Japanese spring garden at the Bellagio Hotel where lots of mothers and daughters and couples were taking great pictures.

The garden was a delight to walk through and the performers were playing Jazz music in a Kimono.

Spring is where you make it to be!  Make it in your heart.



And of course I have to include the famous Bellagio water fountain dancing with the music.

Day and Night of Las Vegas

A conference took me to the City of “never sleep”, Las Vegas, last week.

While this is a city that shines at night, it has a certain charm during the day as well. It is not just a “sin city” but also a city that is energetic and is truly suitable for tourists – shopping, eating, drinking, gambling, sports betting, partying, strolling, clubbing, conferencing, relaxing, going to spa, attending grand shows and musicals, touring the Grand Canyon, and even getting married. Even for Americans, it has always been their fantastic, fun and leisure spot.  Every year, more than 90,000 people get married in Vegas.