All About Expressing Yourself

CocktailsI am coming back to this space as something was inspiring me tonight.  In the next few days, Google is having its Google Cloud Conference in San Francisco.  Tonight, Google held a Diversity and Inclusion event called Women in Tech Social at the Palace Hotel.  I love the fact that Google has embraced women in its senior management: Diane Greene, founder of VM Ware, is Google Cloud’s CEO while Fei Fei Li, another woman, is the Chief Scientist for Machine Learning/AI.  In the conference, Google has 10 events in diversity and inclusion.  At the bar tonight, attendees were asked to express themselves by creating their own cocktails.

According to research, in the U.S., women are paid around 80% of the wages of men even though 50% of the undergraduates and graduates are women.  For women in tech, companies offer between 4% to 45% less pay to women for the same job.  Women did ask for a lower pay 66% of the time.  In industries such as VCs and hedge funds, less than 5% are women at the Partners or Chief Investment Officers level.  Still, in the U.S., women are controlling 51% of the total wealth.  Globally, women’s economic clout and wealth are rising definitively.

So, a toast to the rising strength of women with a self-made, self-expressed cocktail – non-alcoholic drink filled with wonderful herbs and gorgeous edible flowers.

Peaceful Coexistence

Sultan Mosque in Arab Street in Singapore

I snapped this shot when I was visiting Singapore last week.  I stayed in a hotel near Arab Street which is the key Muslim Centre in Singapore, a very fascinating part of Singapore.   The country has first-class infrastructure and has one of the largest GDP per capita in the world.  It has a very diversified culture consisting of Chinese, Malays, Indians, Bugis, Javanese, British, Europeans, Americans, Eurasians, etc.  English is its first language.  Due to its diversity, its low tax condition, its promotion of immigration and a government which plans to the “T” for its citizens, the population essentially doubled in the past 10 years from about 2.5mm to currently 5.2mm.

What I find most interesting is the contrasting but the peaceful co-existence of the many cultures.  The Sultan Mosque on the left cannot be more contrasting to the grade A office building on the right.  Singapore is truly a melting pot and reminds me of the different viewpoints, customs and beliefs one come across in life.  We can live peacefully with one another as long as we keep an open and inquisitive mind.

Love the rows of restaurants (Malay) and shops selling carpets, perfumes, jewellery, rattan, spices, etc. around Arab Street, Singapore