Some of My Favourite Colours

With the summer months upon us, everything looks so vibrant and colourful under the sun and the beautiful weather.

Some of the colours that have sparked joy in my life are captured here:

Beauties in the San Francisco Farmers Market
Just right along the curb in front of my apartment building
San Francisco CIty Hall at night
Stained glass in the French restaurant Jeanne D’Arc in San Francisco
The magical Bellagio Hotel water fountain in Las Vegas

The colour of Autumn

It is no wonder that Autumn is the favorite season for many people. It is filled with colour, vibrancy, thanks, health, warmth, and preparation for the holidays!

Images from the farmer’s market and a new video about making sauerkraut yourself at home (to get your daily dose of live probiotics!)


AND a video from Summer Bock, the fermentationist, on making your own sauerkraut on your kitchen counter top at a fraction of the cost of the supplements (never knew it would be this easy!)