The first completed road in British Hong Kong

When I was travelling in Hong Kong in February, I took a good look at the road I stepped on almost daily every time I was in HK (but usually no stopping), the Hollywood Road.  This road was the second road to be built after the British took over Hong Kong, but the first to be completed. describes the Hollywood Road vividly:

A popular street for travelers in central Hong Kong, Hollywood Road is known for it’s many local shops and open-air vendors, where you can purchase a wide range of curios, include pro-Maoist memorabilia, to bring back home to the weekday warriors that couldn’t make the trip. The first road to be completed in the original British settlement in Hong Kong, this is also the best place to find a resurgence of contemporary art, with a number of fine galleries from one end of the street to the other. Also of interest is Hong Kong’s oldest temple, Man Mo, a bounty of culture amongst the “antique” stores of the area. For those who need to escape the traffic and gawking, there is Hollywood Road Park at the western end of the thoroughfare [editor: this park is peaceful and gorgeous!]

Here are some pictures to feed your imaginations:


Even the chairs and the screen at Starbucks (last 2 photos) go with the antique theme – fun in a combination of the modern and old worlds.


2 thoughts on “The first completed road in British Hong Kong

  1. I am convinced and the pictures prove it that Hong Kong is a city where everywhere discover the beauty of both old and new. A city where not get bored. A wonderful city!
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful images.
    Have a nice day, dear simplecherishes. Hugs, Ştefania ❤ 🙂

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