2 recipes (sweet) I am dying to make

As you can see I love to record what I cherish on my blog; these are often simple and pleasant sceneries, activities, objects, food, drinks or tips that I love to always come back to.

Here are 2 sweet recipes I am eager to make:

1. Sweet potato kale ball from Ricki Heller’s blog.

Mix coconut milk, cumin, onion bits, granulated garlic, sea salt, chopped kale into the steamed and mashed sweet potato, and then mold into little balls.  Sprinkle some grounded flax seeds on top.  Then bake for 20-25 minutes.  Sounds delicious and healthy!

2.  Chocolate on Baguette from Allrecipes.

Cut slices from the baguette, drizzle some olive oil and put them in the oven for about 2 minutes. Then put a piece of dark, bittersweet chocolate on top and then bake for another 2 minutes (6 inches away from heat source.) Alternatively, melt the dark chocolate with olive oil in a pot and then put the sauce onto the baguette.  Sprinkle some sea salt, add some orange zest (optional) and enjoy! If you are gluten-free, there is a recipe to make Gluten-free and egg-free baguette!

Chocolate on baguette


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