Beijing -City of Cars and Temples

Having just travelled to Santa Monica and New York, I found myself one week later in Beijing, China!  It has just started to snow. It is a city of (insane) cars and traffic jam.

Apparently, the city has added 3.5 million of cars to reach 5 million cars now, but there are only 3 million of parking spots. That means cars have to park randomly in narrow alley (hutong) making the hutong even more challenging to pass through.  When travelling by car in the main business area, you have to triple the time in normal traffic let alone you have to constantly watch out for motor pads, bicycles, and pedestrians coming out at unexpected times and angles. Skills, adaptations, and patience are needed!

Apart from cars, Beijing has many temples and temple architecture which I love.

Temple Hotel and restaurant, a 600-year old restored worshipping place and national preservation and now an art gallery, meeting room, and dining place. 

 Tiananman Square in the rain 

 Beautiful temple resting area at the gates of the Beijing Capital International Airport
 And now back to the insane traffic jam: 

 (courtesy of


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