A Formula for Success – Depends on What You Do After Work

I went to my usual beauty parlour last week and was lucky to have the owner, a friend, to do the facial for me.  What she then told and showed me really amazed and inspired me.  Her story reminded me of yet another inspiring blog who quoted Anthony Robbins, saying that:

If you spend 1 hour a day learning about a particular topic, you’d know more about that subject than 99.999% of the world within a year.

None better manifested than by my beauty parlour friend.  She came from China, studied cosmetology there, practiced in San Francisco, and eventually opened her own beauty salon.  What I did not know is that at night after work, she would be designing and remodelling homes for friends to prep them before sales. Her best friends are at Home Depot.  A knack for beauty and details certainly helps – whether faces or homes.  Here is one of her recent remodelling work, turning a home into a beauty and made the seller very happy.  Now, she is contemplating making this a real business. But she is still going to keep her beauty salon, which according to her, is a relaxing place for her to recouperate – good for the clients.

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So it is not what you do at work determines your future success but what you do after work (i.e. self-learning, reading, volunteering, building up networks, working on real-life projects, realizing your passion) – often things other than your day-time work – that determines your future path.

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