Tumeric and Little Friends Called M.

A beautiful food blog post came along a couple of months ago and discussed one of my favourite spices – tumeric – and mentioned this NY Times article called “Some of my Best Friends are Germs” by Michael Pollen.  Who are these little friends?  These are called microbes, and we have 100 trillion of them inside our body (mainly in the gut), more than the number of cells in our bodies. Many thinks the study of microbiome is going to be the major focus of medicine in the coming years.  These little beings help to develop our immune system, assist with motility, maintain healthy intestinal lining, help with digestion and even produce nutrients such as vitamins B and K, and control fat absorption.  They even affect your mood and emotions (source: Dr. Jill’s blog). They are no wonder our best friends, and we need to keep them happy, not grouchy.  Trust and check your gut feelings.

How to keep them happy?  Experts say we should load up on pre-biotics, which are veggies/fibre, and then consume good probiotics and fermented food, and definitely avoid processed food and reduce sugar.

This brings to my real subject today which is cooking with the microbiota-happy tumeric!  Tumeric have many benefits (a good description can be found here.)

  1.  Tumeric cashew recipe by Heidi Swanson – this is so simple to make yet so delicious.  A must-try.
Courtesy of 101 Cookbooks

2.  Healing egg avocado salad spiced up with tumeric by Dr. Mark Hyman – this is so creamy, delicious and filling.  It is beneficial to you and very easy to make.

Courtesy of Dr. Hyman's Mark's Kitchen blog
Courtesy of Dr. Hyman’s Mark’s Kitchen blog

2 thoughts on “Tumeric and Little Friends Called M.

  1. Marriane

    Most Indian food recipes use Tumeric. It’s supposed to have antibiotic properties. When you are sick people sometimes mix powdered tumeric with warm milk and have it . Apparently it helps.

    Hope you are doing well.



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