I love poke

I was much inspired by this post by one of my favourite food bloggers: nourishedkitchen.com, and so I “made” my first poke (pronounced as POH-keh.)  Poke is a local Hawaiian favourite and is fresh, raw ahi tuna marinated in various combinations of asian sauces, seaweed, roe, onion, green onion, seasoning, and essentially whatever you think is delicious.  Poke is both hot and cold, raw and cooked, served with steamed rice or sushi rice.

I have bought some sushi, and rainbow roll for dinner, but instead of just eating it the normal way, one piece after next, I decided to pick apart all the raw fish and make a poke.


Raw ahi tuna, salmon, shrimp, yellow tail (your favourite raw fish) cut into small pieces

Avocado – chopped into small squares

Macadamia nuts or walnuts – finely chopped

Green onion – chopped nicely


Sesame seed

Avocado or tahini paste (since I don’t have avocado)

For the sauce:

Squeeze the juice of half an orange

Red chili flakes or cayenne pepper

Sesame Oil

Pink sea salt or Tamari soy sauce


1.  Steam some white rice or short grain Japanese sushi rice (in my case I took the easy way out and just put the leftover rice at the bottom of my bowl.)

2. Toss your raw fish with the avocado (or tahini), macadamia nuts, and chopped green onion.  Then pour the sauce on top and marinate.

3. Put the fish marinate over the rice and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

Voila!  A beautiful poke.  Perfect for the summer months.


For a discussion of a more elaborate way of making poke, please read here.


The poke trend is certainly hitting San Francisco.  This new Poki Time place in the Sunset area looks like will do very well.

poke time
Courtesy of Yelp

Update 2:

Got to love Nami-san’s video to make Poke Bowl – very nice and easy -ITADAKIMASU!


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