Weekday Scenes in San Francisco

We finally have some nice and warm days in San Francisco this week. In the past two weeks, we thought that the summer would never come again as it was cold, grim, and a little rainy.

Here are a few scenes from good old downtown/ financial district of San Francisco to give you a flavour what ordinary and working citizens enjoy here, and it is not all about Uber or Google:Food trucks are very San Franciscan. There are more people queuing up for food trucks than in restaurants! Food trucks that sell good coffee are the most popular! 

Sushi Burrito is definitely in! San Franciscans love sushi and burritos, and therefore comes Sushiritto combining Asian and Latin flavour in one bite. More and more of these shops are springing up-did you know that sushi means vinegared rice and not the raw fish or other ingredients that come with it? So sushi burrito has the rice but nothing raw. The ingredients are oh so innovative and yummy, like this curry chicken katsu with Jalapeños, avocado, and Perivian purple potatoes.

The other popular concept here is community banks. The chic Portland-based Umpqua Bank has expanded to San Francisco.  They not only have normal banking services but also catered community events on science, environmental and science topics for the community, and allow clients to book their conference rooms, and everyone to enjoy free coffee.

Now to get San Franciscans to go out at night these days is a bit of a stretch as many are glued to their cable TV or local bar to watch the NBA basketball games.  Our own Warriors will have the chance to win the NBA finals after 40 years! Their knockoff T-shirts are selling quick. Then there is the Friday rush hour traffic- bad but nevertheless not awful. Cars are flowing across the waterfront and commuters are hopping onto the ferry to go back home to Sausalito, Tiburon, Oakland, or Larkspur.   

And the lovely hill (and walk) of downtown San Francisco. 

How about relaxing in a park under the sun for lunch.  



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