Happy New Year of the Sheep! Loving Shanghai

May you have abundance, happiness, health, and prosperity in the Year of the Sheep.

I was hoping to share these images from Shanghai when I visited before Christmas. Given the Chinese New Year, this is an opportune time to share these lovely images.

The charm and style of Shanghai are shining through its old and new developments, and you can see how people are enjoying the fruits of the rapid economic development in China – everyone is buying and consuming! In the financial district of the Pudong area, you will forget that you are in China but ponder if you are in Manhattan.

In the old street alley, local eateries, grocery stores, arts and crafts stores intertwine with big commercial buildings and hotels – a typical mix of old and new in Shanghai. My most enjoyable local activities were eating the delicious Shanghai wonton soup for breakfast, books-browsing in the gigantic bookstore, and bargaining (tenaciously in Mandarin) with the sellers at the antique stores!

In the French-inspired People’s Park, the community enjoy opera singing, dancing, tai chi, painting, debating, and strolling along the beautiful walkways.

At the famous and must-see Shanghai Museum, locals and tourists open their jaws and eyes when seeing and appreciating the ancient art of China. I am certainly proud to be a Chinese!

Walking along the River Bund and staring across the river towards the Pudong financial district, you wonder if the new Shanghai is going to regain all the glory of the old Shanghai and be China’s best financial hub again.

IMG_1831The Shanghai Bund and the Financial District

IMG_1832Shanghai Puxi area (west of Hangpu River) from my hotel room

IMG_1833The Alley of Shanghai

IMG_1852Cyclist at his best

IMG_1834My delicious wonton soup (US$1) for breakfast

IMG_1835Antique street

IMG_1836Are we in France? The beautiful People’s Park

IMG_1837French-inspired People’s Park

IMG_1838Shanghai Museum-a must-see!

IMG_1839The Bronze Era

IMG_1840The Buddha

IMG_1841Beautiful Pottery-one of China’s Best Art Symbols

IMG_1842Landscape and scenery painting

IMG_1843Jade carving

IMG_1844Imperial Furniture

IMG_1847Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum (a previous French governor residence now housing local art)

IMG_1848Ivory Carving

IMG_1849Shanghai Artist’s Needlework

IMG_1850Craftiness in Sewing

IMG_1851Ethnicities and dolls

IMG_1845A Shanghai jewellery store on the pedestrian-only shopping area of Nanjing Road – likely a previous nightclub


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year of the Sheep! Loving Shanghai

  1. There are superb panoramas of Shanghai. All images in Shanghai are superb. I also really like Scultura, imperial piece of furniture. We are excited about everything you have shared with us. Thank you so much, dear simplecherishes for sharing with us.
      You have a beautiful new week! All the best to you! ❤ 🙂

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