Part of a Historic (Food) Movement

Got your attention, right?  I was heading to the Farmer’s Market this morning but was mesmerized by a Filipino Food Movement with food booths and entertainment on the way.   In San Francisco today, the Filipino Food Movement launched the first food event in the whole of the U.S. to bring the Filipino food to the main stream.  We eat Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and of course Indian and Chinese food, but it is true that we rarely talk about or eat Filipino food.  So I was part of this historic movement today.  The Filipino culture is  family-oriented, warm and fun, great at singing, and extremely food-loving (especially rice and meat).  I have many Filipino friends, and I believe you have quite a few as well; but this food movement really gets me interested to learn more about their food and culture.  Here are a little something of what I have found:

Adobo Chicken or Pork – one of their most well-known national dishes.

– meat marinated/cooked with the Adobo sauce: vinegar, salt, peppercorn, salt, soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves, and oil; also popular in Spain and Latin America.

adobo - chicken

Courtesy of


– better than Chinese Spring Rolls

Lumpia - shrimp

Courtesy of, and they look even better than the Chinese Spring Roll; also try this recipe from Steamy Kitchen.

Sizzling Pork Sisig

– cooked with pork parts (head, cheek, liver, belly, etc etc ) that’s been braised in vinegar before being grilled, diced and served on a sizzling hot plate; served with chilli, calamansi and an egg in the middle.


Courtesy of the Hungry Excavator

Kare Kare – their famous oxtail stew – an appetizing recipe here.

– their famous oxtail stew, often served with tripe and pig or cow feet – an appetizing recipe here.

Kare Kare 2


Courtesy of The Domestic Man

Delightful Ube Ice-cream (purple-yam ice-cream, also used in their famous Halo Halo dessert.)

– everyone I saw had a cup in her hand, and so here is a nice recipe.

Ube icecream

Beautiful picture courtesy of Ang Sarap

2 thoughts on “Part of a Historic (Food) Movement

  1. Menus provided by you are very appetizing. I am glad to share with us and thank you very much.
    Have a beautiful weekend, dear simplecherishes and autumn season, very happy! ❤ 🙂

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