On My Way Up

Exercising is so much fun when you can combine it with sightseeing.  Not too far from where I live is the Filbert steps in Telegraph Hill, one of the most famous stairways in San Francisco.  Along the stairs are beautiful scenery of the San Francisco Bay, gardens, and very old, classic San Franciscan buildings.  All these were a labour of love when a former resident, Grace Merchant, cleared the trash which used to fill the hills along the stairways and re-planted a public garden during a span of 30 years.  The Filbert steps and all its surrounding beauty is truly one of the free gems of San Francisco.

filbert steps
377 flights of Filbert Steps – all worth it!

Flowers filbert

Steps beautiful

The Art Deco Building - Courtesy of Map of Google
The Art Deco Building – Courtesy of Map of Google
Coit tower
Coit Tower
City view
Must be my most favourite City view.
The Alcatraz from a distance
The Alcatraz from a distance.
Perfect positioning of chairs!
Perfect positioning of chairs!

4 thoughts on “On My Way Up

  1. Very beautiful pictures, dear simplecherishes.
    How beautiful is the area where you live! It is lovely!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear simplecherishes. Big hugs, Stefania! ❤ 🙂

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