Finding Tranquility in an Indian Restaurant

Why am I always amazed about life?  It is really the simple things in life that give us the biggest pleasure.

A friend and I decided to have Indian food in San Mateo, and we discovered this new restaurant called Vedas serving Northern Indian food after Googling “Best Indian Food in San Mateo” (love the people who have asked this question before us.)

Vedas restaurant(Courtesy of Yelpers)

Like a lot of Indian restaurants, this one’s decor is simple, but the smaller details show that the owners pay attentions to the eaters’ experiences – hand-made decorations on the vases on the table, infused water with cucumber and lemon, putting an extra table next to a table for two for us to have more space, etc.  The owner ordered the food for us and constantly checked our needs.  The garden patio at the back also makes this place tranquil and special.

What we had were delicious: Anokhi Chaat (Crispy tortillas (ours was crispy eggplant for non-gluten eater) with avocado, herbs, chopped veggie), Scallops ke Sooley (grilled scallops with coconut and balsamic), Avofruit Salad (Avocado with seasonal fruit and veggie), Basil Makhmali Tikka (boneless chicken pieces, nicely-spiced), Bhindi Do-Pyasa (okra with onions, tomatoes, cilantro), the oh so wonderful Vegetarian Biryani (chunks of veggie cooked in spices, saffron, garam masala-flavoured basmati rice infused by naan bread on top), and Rosemary Naan.  And yes, the owner gave us two small mango lassi for free – perfect taste and not too sweet (the secret was adding a little salt to it!)

The whole experience was not just about the food, it was the tranquility of the place, the attention of the owner and the waiter, the conversation with a good friend, the appreciation of the ingredients of the food, the discussions with the owner (the wife is from Venezuela with Italian and Spanish parents – how interesting), which have made the experience joyful.

In Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, he said, “Stillness conquers heat. Tranquil and calm set the rhythm of the world.” (Translation of the last 2 Chinese sentences below.)

There are many things that can bring back tranquility, calm, and balances to one’s life – one of them is the pleasure of a flavourful meal with a friend.  Simple cherish at its best.


From Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching


2 thoughts on “Finding Tranquility in an Indian Restaurant

  1. How nice that you dining in a place where peace and harmony prevails! It’s great to be with friends in a place so wonderful! I I imagined how good you feel!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us these wonderful memories you experienced.
    Have a great Sunday and new week spledidă, dear simplecherishes.
    Big hugs, Ştefania. 🙂

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