San Francisco Celebrating the Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year of the noble and galloping horse will start on 31 January. Horses represent hard work, victory, energy, warm-heartedness and intelligence to the Chinese.

The San Franciscan Chinese are celebrating just as much as their friends and families back home.

Can you feel the joyful atmosphere in the Chinatown?







Can you spot the little boy peeping down to see the celebration?

Happy New Year of the Horse!


6 thoughts on “San Francisco Celebrating the Year of the Horse

  1. Very beautiful pictures! It’s interesting how the Chinese celebrate the coming new year.
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures.
    Have a wonderful day, dear simplecherishes! Hugs, Ştefania! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Stefania! I have not shown pictures of the food – Chinese love to eat a lot of cakes like turnip cake and Year’s Cake (made with lots of glutinous rice) and other goodies. Also the children love this festival because they receive the red packets (pocket money).

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