The Colours of Berkeley

This time when I visited Berkeley, I took snapshots of the “true colours” of Berkeley, which reflected a glimpse of its past fame as the focal point of counterculture, hippies, and antiwar demonstrations in the 1960s.

Here is a walk down Telegraph Avenue and Shattuck Avenue, lined with cafes, bookstores, graffiti, handicrafts, clothing, and incense shops, and shops filled with quirky things.  The spirit of self-expressions has never been lost in this place, contributing to this university town’s uniqueness.

Berkeley 1

Berkeley 2

Berkeley 3

Berkeley 4

Berkeley 5

Berkeley 6

Berkeley 7


2 thoughts on “The Colours of Berkeley

  1. Very colorful is Berkeley, I think it is fascinating to walk to visit the city … there are so many wonderful things to see there!
    Photos are very beautiful. I love accessories, especially scarves and jewelry and the pictures you can see a lot, very nice!
    Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pictures of your trip!
    Have a splendid weekend, dear simplecherishes!
    Big hugs, with love, Ştefania! 🙂

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