A Japanese Japanese Garden in Canada

When the Nitobe Memorial Garden was built in memory of the Japanese diplomat and scholar Inazo Nitobe, who lived and died in British Columbia, the architect of the garden knew that he wanted to build a “Japanese Japanese Garden in Canada” and not a “Canadian Japanese Garden”.  The garden is considered one of the most authentic Japanese gardens in North America and includes a tea garden and a ceremonial tea house, where tea ceremonies are held throughout the summer.  The garden is among the must-see in Vancouver, Canada.

With the help of the Japanese government, each tree, stone, shrub, waterfall, and bridge in the garden has been deliberately placed to reflect an idealized conception of nature and harmony and balance between masculinity and femininity.  Each step in the garden is supposed to reflect a span of a lifetime – from the beginning to the end of the path.

I genuinely believe that I was transported to Japan, even just for 30 minutes! After the walk round the garden, I was not back to the origin but transformed.

photo (46)

UBC Japanese garden path 1

photo (48)

photo (47)

Absolutely charming Japanese garden (Nitobe Memorial Garden) in the University of British Columbia campus

UBC Japanese garden No 12

UBC Japanese Garden No. 4

photo (51)

photo (49)


2 thoughts on “A Japanese Japanese Garden in Canada

  1. Very beautiful is the Japanese garden. Beautiful images have presented. I think it is happy to go for a walk through the garden!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day, simplecherishes! Hugs, Stefania 🙂

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