The Best (Seafood) Restaurant in San Francisco

A little restaurant called Swan Oyster Depot, not more than 500 square feet in the shape of a bar, easily tops the list of the must-visit top restaurants in San Francisco.  Having lived here for over 15 years, today (and embarrassingly) is the first time I visited this restaurant with a good friend visiting from Hong Kong, who expressed her strong interest to go to Swan Oyster.  Results: it is worth a visit!

Four Danish brothers originally opened the Depot before 1900.  The location was burnt down in the 1906 earthquake and fire and has resurfaced at its current location in Polk Street six years later.  It has been owned by the Sancimino family since 1946.  Again, a few brothers run and operate this restaurant.

Two ladies had many fresh seafood today – crab salad, sea urchins (two!), clam chowder soup, smoked salmon, scallop, and some more crab.  My friend downed 2 cups of Chardonnay, too.  The best was the crab salad, smoked salmon and sea urchins!  The guy sitting next to me came here every year to celebrate his Birthday at this Depot, indicating the type of loyal customers this restaurant has.  According to SF Eater, this restaurant serves generations of many families.  Go get a take out if the line is too daunting.  This restaurant carries a nice history and mission!

Swan Oyster 1
We sat next to these great selections and could point and pick!
I think sea urchins in their raw forms are cute, not scarry!
I think sea urchins in their raw forms are cute, not scary!
The owner and chef in action!
The owner and chef in action!

2 thoughts on “The Best (Seafood) Restaurant in San Francisco

  1. The menu looks very appetizing, is certainly very tasty. Seafood is delicious, as is smoked salmon. I often eat.
    I think you felt very comfortable with your friend.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.
    Have a wonderful day, simplecherishes! Hugs, Stefania!

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