My Perfected Oatmeal and Lesson Learned

I have recently switched to a black granite ware to cook oatmeal.  Black granite is great because it is made of low-carbon steel with a glass coating, and so there is no chemical added to the surface; it also cooks fast and evenly.

Given the granite ware requires at least an inch of liquid to cover whatever you are cooking, I have been cooking my oatmeal for one person with over an inch of water/almond milk everyday.  You guess it right that the oatmeal is swimming in a mushy soup.  Then I visited my sister, and she kindly cooked me a hot oatmeal everyday – creamy but still chewy with no excess liquid.

A light bulb!  I have been cooking not with the right ratio of liquid to the oatmeal but with the right amount of water to the pot!

To cook a nice hot oatmeal: pour in 1 cup of rolled oats and then a bit more than 1 cup of liquid to just cover the oats (water + milk you prefer).  Heat them together in medium heat.  Add a pinch of salt (in my case, I add some cumin) and some chia seeds.  Then stir minimally and let the oat simmer in the liquid until the liquid has been absorbed.  After the oatmeal is cooked,  I add blueberries, walnut, and a teaspoon of flax oil.  A satisfying meal with a perfect taste!

Lesson learned: you cook to make the food taste good and not to protect your cookware; or, when you do something, do not first focus on whether you will look good, but whether you are doing the appropriate thing.

(Photo courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats)
(Photo courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats – this still looks better than mine!)

6 thoughts on “My Perfected Oatmeal and Lesson Learned

    1. I read about savory oatmeal in an Aryuveda (natural healing) cookbook by adding cumin. I was attracted by the idea, and I love the distinct taste! I think raisin will go well with cumin, too in oatmeal. Thanks for your comments!

  1. The menu looks very appetizing! I am convinced that it is very delicious. I’ll try it the recipe. Thank you for the recipe and lesson learned and advice so helpful!
    You have a wonderful weekend, simplecherishes! Big hugs, much love, Stefania! 🙂

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