Basil and Peppermint Tea Bouquet

Last Saturday when I was at the local Farmer’s market, I saw a very nice demonstration of basil-flavoured ice-cream.  They gave us a sample to taste.  It was gorgeous.  So, I became obsessed with basils.  Then, I saw a very pretty tea bouquet in one of the stores, but I don’t know what the tea bouquets are for.  The lady there told me that I can boil the tea bouquets and then drink the tea.  She let me smell it, and then a “wow” came out of my mouth.  I could smell mint and basil, and the combination was sensational.  But instead of buying the tea bouquet, I looked for my own ingredients.  I went to another farmer’s store and then select some basil with purple flowers, peppermint, and some edible flowers.  I put all of them in my newly acquired dainty Chinese pot, boil some water, pour the water into the pot and let the tea brew for a few minutes, covered.  It was so refreshing yet so simple!  With the bunches of basil and peppermint, I can easily boil 10 pots of tea!  The tea will be even more refreshing to drink after a day in the fridge.



6 thoughts on “Basil and Peppermint Tea Bouquet

  1. Basil with mint, tea is very refreshing. I used to drink this tea on hot summer days.
    Also, I use basil and some cooked food – basil, gives a special flavor.
    Basil, ice cream I have ever tasted, I think it is very delicious.
    I hope you have a wonderful day. Warm wishes! 🙂

  2. I love basil and I do use it, even though it has “refused” to grow in my garden! 🙂 I’ve always had plenty of rosemay, lavender, lemon thyme and bay leaf – they all grow alone! 🙂 Have you ever tasted the violet icecream?… really yummy and refined! 🙂
    – – –
    My very best, tons of inspirations and have a super week! Cheers, Mélanie

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