What I Use Everyday

Now that I have your attention, I do not mean what type of toothbrush or things like that; I just want to share with you the most useful apps on my iPhone (and same for your iPad or Android phone).

Here are a few categories, and I will pick one for each:


CamScanner – This is my most used app on my phone. It is very practical – you can take a shot of your receipt if you don’t want to store the paper, or you can snap an extract of an article you see in the magazine. You can continue to add to the pages. Then you can turn the document into a PDF file and email to yourself, upload to Dropbox, etc. so that you won’t lose it. You can even fax it to somebody else.

Reading favourite news and blogs:

Feeddler RSS Reader – Twitter used to be my go-to place for mobile news. Once I have discovered Feeddler, I now prefer this interface. This is because Twitter does not let you see the headlines and the tag line for the essence of the article. Feedler allows you to see everything of your subscriptions in your Google Blogger (now I am using The Old Reader as Google Reader is being shut down on July 1st!) as well as any news feeds you would like to add (as long as the website has a RSS feed). It also categorizes your subscriptions in your Blogger.


FX Photo Studio – There are many good photo enhancer apps available, but this one is all-encompassing and fun: it allows you to enhance, distort, or add another 100 many other effects, add colour, turn vintage, upgrade resolution, write text, share, print, etc.


Red Stamp – This app literally saves me because whenever I need to send a nice ecard for Birthdays, Thank-You’s, Father’s Day at the spur of the moment from my phone, the Red Stamp has very good choices of greeting cards for you. You can customize your message and add your own photo. It is a breeze to use and send.


Relax Melodies Oriental – wonder how you can bring serenity to your life anytime you want to? This app brings the most amazing serene sound effects. You can combine forest birds with old bells and water stream, and create your own zen-like orchestral music. People have said that the sounds help to put them to sleep. While I don’t recommend you sleeping with your electronic device next to you, it may help sometimes!

The best of all – these are all free!

What are your favourite apps?

Photo courtesy of Wild Divine
Photo courtesy of Wild Divine

8 thoughts on “What I Use Everyday

  1. CamScanner is awesome. I use it for all my receipts and now my real scanner is broken, for all my scanning needs. But my #1 app is TrueHDR, best $1.99 I ever spent.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing so useful information for us! I unfortunately just use basic applications in the phone, I hope to make a change in the future!
    I hope you have a wonderful day! With much love, Ştefania! 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing, Stephania! The good thing is that you can jump to the best smart phone when you do adopt it and skip all the trials! Have a great week! Simple Cherishes.

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