100 Wellness Coaches

Americans are well-known for their optimism, their can-do attitudes, and more importantly, their openness to share their life lessons.  This is a nation of a large number of coaches (often amazing) to discuss and teach wellness, abundance, health and growth.

How about hearing 100+ of these coaches all in one free global online event at Hay House during June 1 to June 10?  You can still register and catch up with the rest of the speakers.  Each day’s talks are open for 24 hours.  Just note and store somewhere the URL of the audio and you can listen at your leisure later.

I have enjoyed listening to some of these while I was working (no one needs to know what I was listening to 🙂 ).

I have especially enjoyed this talk by the energetic and passionate Denise Linn on “Abundance” –  learn about:

  • why you are already wealthy,
  • why a greater gift is to receive than to give,
  • why you need to celebrate the success of others,
  • how to space clear for abundance and
  • be aware of your beliefs (both negatives and positives).

The last 3 minutes of the talk was a wonderful guided-meditation.  I have learnt a lot in this one hour.  For those who love to eat healthy, I would recommend Kris Carr’s talk as well.   For anyone who wants to understand the power of self-healing which involves affirmations, prayers, laughter and simple hugs, I also recommend listening to the passionate Dr. Fabrizio Mancini.  It would be lovely to hear your thoughts, too.

Photo courtesy of Lisa In My Pocket
Photo courtesy of Lisa In My Pocket

2 thoughts on “100 Wellness Coaches

  1. Thank you very much for your recommendations,!
    “For Those who love to eat healthy, I Would recommend Kris Carr’s talk as well,” and Dr. Fabrizio Mancini,– I will go here!
    Have a wonderful day! warm wishes! Big hugs, Stefania! 🙂

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