3 Favourite Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress

Since I sit in front of a computer most of the time, stretching and breathing become very important breaks for me.  Here are three of my favourite poses for stress, neck and shoulder relief as well as mind clarity.  All photos are sourced from PocketSports.

1.  Standing Forward Bend (Deep) with Shoulder Opener


Tips: Do not squeeze the shoulders together, but let the shoulders drop to the ground.  This way, you can relax the tension on your neck and shoulder.  Great for those who sit in front of the computers a lot.

2.  Tripod Headstand

headstand_tripod_preparationTips: The key is not to force your head onto the ground – whatever height you are comfortable with your head, let it be.  Allow your head to hang free.   This pose brings mental clarity especially after a long day of brain work.

3. Wide Child Pose

child_wide poseTips: This pose is great for relieving tension in every part of your body.  The key is to spread a wide “V” between your legs, sit and relax onto the ground.  Stretch your arms as far as you can.


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