After the Rain

Are you having small and large dark clouds in your life right now?  When is the pouring rain going to stop? Why am I stuck here?

Remember, these too shall pass.  You will not be given more than you can bear.  There is so much vibrancy after the rain.  Just look at the freshness of these living creatures after the rain.

Leaves 1

Leaves 2

leaves 3

Leaves 4

Leaves 5

Sunshine After the Rain 

By Cindy Wyatt

There is always sunshine 
after the rain
a time of sweet relief 
after a season of pain.
Weeping lasts for a night 
but joy comes in the morning
sheltered in God’s care 
where there is no scorning.
Heartaches and trials come and go 
but the Lord is always there
He knows what we are going through 
and will never give more than we can bear.
Our Lord is always the same yesterday, today, and forever
Nothing can separate us from his love or ever sever. 

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