Being a Tourist in my Home Town Hong Kong

My parents live a few blocks up from an area called Sheung Wan in Hong Kong, an up-and-coming place for restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and a traditional one for antiques, bargains as well as some very established eateries.  Having lived in Hong Kong for over 20 years, I am seeing Sheung Wan with a pair of new lens.  The place is filled with history and also with modern fun.

Let me take you to the places I visited yesterday.

After walking down over 200 flights of stairs from my parent’s home, my Dad and I saw this Buddhist temple on Hollywood Road and breathed the air of incense.

TempleThen we walked into a side street with cute shops and western restaurants on the right  – I thought for a moment I was in Europe!

Western restuarantI could not help but peep into a nice ladies’ shop.


Then we walked past a lane filled with little street stores on both sides, very typical in Sheung Wan.


We finally reached the real destination where we wanted to eat – the famous Lin Heung Tea House and Bakery for dim sum!

lin heung restaurant
My Dad took a photo for some tourists in front of the Lin Heung Tea House.

This Tea House was established in 1926 and has remained a local favourite as well as a tourist’s attraction.

lin heung stairsEven though I have lived in HK for many years, I have never gone inside this old favourite, and even though I must have gone to a hundred dim sum restaurants all over HK and around the world, I have never seen one like this!  There, you have to self-serve your dim sum instead of waiting around for the dim sum carts to come.  There was no system or procedure.  It was a war zone whenever new dim sum came out!  On top of that, you have people standing next to you waiting for your seats to be emptied.  It was that packed, but it was definitely worth a try (see all the locals eating there)!

lin heung cart

After a delicious and traditional dim sum lunch, we walked from Sheung Wan to the Central District, which is the business district of Hong Kong.  I came across this miniature dim sum cart – how cute is that!!  I felt extremely satisfied after the lunch and was happy to be a tourist again in my home town.

dim sum cart


8 thoughts on “Being a Tourist in my Home Town Hong Kong

  1. Thank you very much for having shared with us such beautiful images in their native feats that have visited! Very beautiful places.
    We humans are privileged that we live in a world so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful Sunday! Love, Stefania! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Stefania for your beautiful thoughts. We indeed should be grateful that we are living in such an inter-connected world where we can share so much. Warm wishes from simple cherishes!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments and interest! I will post articles whenever I go back and visit. Hong Kong indeed is an energetic and fun place. However, there are too many people in my opinion, but it is truly a City of Lights! Warm regards.

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