Why I like Berkeley

I spent a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in Berkeley, California, where I attended graduate school.  Berkeley has always been known for its avant-garde thinking as well as its intellectual excellence.  What I like about Berkeley is its free and leisurely spirit as well as its vibrancy which rubs nicely on me every time I visit.  Rather than showing the campus, I thought I will share with you a few scenes and places I like in Berkeley.

First, there is nothing that beats walking down from North Berkeley hills to downtown Berkeley in the sunny weather.  Here is what you can see from the Rose Garden:

Berkeley Hills
With the bridge far in sight, this is a gorgeous view of the San Francisco Bay from the Rose Garden, Berkeley.

The Rose Garden is gorgeous during its full bloom in May

photo courtesy of The Chronicle
photo courtesy of The Chronicle

 Near downtown Berkeley, you have “Yoga To the People” studio and the downward dogs on one side of the street and the Berkeley Repertory Theatre on the other side. a well-known national innovative theatre.


Berkeley RepSomeone once told me what they like about Berkeley is its beautiful trees which I completely agree…


I like strolling along the streets of downtown Berkeley discovering little gems like this ice-cream shop which sells every flavour at $1 per scoop.

ice cream

And here is the downtown Shattuck Avenue of Berkeley on a February afternoon.  Oh so unassuming, oh so leisurely.

Berkeley downtown


2 thoughts on “Why I like Berkeley

  1. Berkeley is very beautiful city! I like the Rose Garden!
    I think it is lovely to sit and relax admiring the flowers!
    Thank you for sharing images in this beautiful city!
    Have a wonderful day! with love, Stefania! 🙂

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