3 Simple Tricks to Spice Up My Dinner

I totally agree with this expression: “spice it up”.  I am now using 3 simple tricks to spice up my meal.

1.  Turmeric fish – marinate the fish not just with salt and pepper but also with sprinkles of turmeric.  Pan-fry them in a little oil and water – the taste is heavenly.

tumeric fish(photo courtesy of eat drink & be merry)

2. Ginger in pumpkin soup – I love the heartiness of pumpkin soup, and can easily just boil the pumpkin and drink the soup.  However, when you boil your pumpkin with ginger, the soup is that much more fragrant and interesting.  Add a bit of coconut milk, your taste bud will thank you.

pumpkin and ginger(photo courtesy of Jamie Oliver)

3.  Cumin seeds – Toast the cumin seeds in a bit of olive oil until fragrant, add some shallots and garlic, stir in some spinach and cook for 1 minute – another winner!

cumin seeds_spinach_recipe(photo courtesy of 101cookbooks)


2 thoughts on “3 Simple Tricks to Spice Up My Dinner

  1. Very interesting these tips beneficial to create a tasty dish, tasty flavors!
    Turmeric, these Ingredients, I did not know until now! I can not know if there is my country! I look in supermarkets!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Have a wonderful evening and a new week with many blessings!
    Warm wishes! With much love, Stefania! 🙂

    1. Thanks Stefania for reading my post! I am sure you will find ginger in supermarkets. For turmeric and cumin seeds, these are popular ingredients in Indian food- hope there may be an Indian grocery store or Asian section in a large supermarket where you are! Enjoy!

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