Practice Mindfulness in an Unexpected Place

My favourite trip at work is the little walk from my office to the kitchen when I survey all the teas we have in the cupboard (there are a bunch of tea lovers in the office, each one brings his or her favourite to share), and then brew the tea.  In the kitchen, we have a cool little water system where you can select cold water, water at room temperature, or hot water.  There are 3 buttons: the red hot water, the blue cold water, and the green room temperature water buttons.  The trick of getting the hot water is to press the red button until it blinks, and then you press the blue button in the middle for the hot water.

Last week, this happened to me twice.  I wanted to brew a cup of hot tea, pressed the red button first, and then the blue button.  I brought my mug back to my office, and then I zipped the tea – yew, cold tea!  What happened? I did not press the red button long enough to let it blink, and then I just pressed the blue button.  What was I thinking?  Obviously I was not thinking about making tea; my mind wandered somewhere, thinking of the next task that I have to do.  In other words, I was completely not in the present.

So, I discovered an unexpected place to practice mindfulness: the water system in my office kitchen!  Now, when I want to get some hot water, all I do is to think about getting my hot water properly, and to make a nice cup of tea, and think about nothing else.

This may seem far-fetched: would you drive down the famous Crooked Street (Lombard Street) in San Francisco with a wandering mind?   No, you keep your focus in the near front, swerve and turn at the exact time to avoid any problems.  So when I make my tea, I also think of the Crooked Street!

Painter Thomas Kinkade's Lombard Street (Crooked Street)
Painter Thomas Kinkade’s Lombard Street (Crooked Street)
The Crooked Street in San Francisco
The Crooked Street in San Francisco




4 thoughts on “Practice Mindfulness in an Unexpected Place

  1. Very beautiful painting artist Thomas Kinkade, I like very much. I love also street that you see while making tea to drink.
    Stunning views can be seen from your window!
    I do the same every morning, have a cup of tea!
    Thank you so much for sharing! Always yours posts delight me.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and many blessings!
    With much love, Stefania! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Stefania for liking the post. I wish my office looked out to the Crooked Street! But from my office, I can see the Coit Tower, which is the white tower (like a fire hose) in the far background in Thomas Kinkade’s painting – very nice view, too!

  2. That jumping brain is always playing tricks on me when I try to practice mindfulness. I notice it the most during mundane activities, too. Mostly, when walking the dog. I start out trying to be present to the moment, then I think of the day, my plans, the list….next thing you know, we are two blocks over, and I’m trying to remember if I’ve seen her poop and spaced out on cleaning it up. So we have to retrace our steps…and I’m much more mindful then. Until I’m not.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, too. I guess we are not really slowing down even when our activities suggest that we should! There are really a lot of opportunities for pleasant pauses. Warm wishes from simple cherishes.

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