“I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams”  ~ The Chopra Centre

The reality and the source of Abundance is unlimited and eternal; mind and spirit work together to manifest abundance; in the silent field of all possibilities, dwell the seeds of success, and when you live from within, your desires are fulfilled quickly, spontaneously and with minimal effort.

Life blooms through the floor of giving and receiving; nothing is static; our body flourishes through dynamic exchange with the universe; the process of giving and receiving is a crucial part of nature’s rich abundance.  The more you give, the more you will receive.  By accepting life’s goodness and offering the same to others, you will create true abundance in your own life (extract from the 21-day Meditation Challenge – Abundance).

Perhaps, start your day by giving a small thing to others – it does not have to cost anything – it can be a smile, a kind hand or a compliment.

“Today, and everyday, I give that which I want to receive.”


3 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Very interesting article! I absolutely agree!
    Very good this recommendation: “Today, and everyday, I give That Which I want to receive.” Thank you very much!
    Hope you have a wonderful day! Warm wishes for you! With much love Stefania! 🙂

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