Back to Nature

Having been away for a few weeks living in one of the most densely-populated cities in the world, I hear the nature crying for me.  By chance, after I came back to the Bay Area, I read this enlightening blog post from one of my favorite bloggers, and guessed which image I chose? Yes, rainforest walk, and the natural world is my “magical healing environment”!

So, in the past weekend we took a walk in one of my favorite rural places to take in as many negative ions (they are actually very positive and healthy for you) and create as much healing energy as possible.  We visited the Quarry Lakes Regional Recreational Area in Union City/Fremont, which is part of the East Bay Regional Parks System.   This area also has the Alameda Creek Regional Trail which runs for 12 miles along the Alameda Creek from Union City/Fremont to the San Francisco Bay.  The area is full of history – original home for the Ohlone native Indians, 5 Spanish expeditions and then missions and has now become a public domain.  The Quarry Lake area is great for bicycling, swimming, hiking, running, fishing, dog walking, and in some parts along the creek, horse-back riding (maybe next time I will try the horses).

Quarry Lake Recreational Area in Fremont in the East Bay

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