From My Favorite Park

Greetings from Hong Kong at my favorite park!  There is nothing better to do after a 13 hours flight to Hong Kong last night than to refresh myself by taking a morning walk in my favorite park right at the foot of my parents’ apartment.

This small and cozy park contains over 50 types of trees, shrubs and flowers which will supply my daily dosage of negative ions amidst an otherwise very densely populated city.  By the way,  Stuart Watkins explained that negative ions are so great for you because they attach themselves to the positive ions which are from the dusts and other pollutants in the environment so that we don’t have to breathe those into our system.  Benefits are stress reduction, improvement in body immunity, boosting of vitality, etc.

Love the tiny little flowers throughout the park!
Greetings, my favorite camel foot tree!
Park amongst tall buildings!
Morning Tai Chi, how good for you!

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