Meditation – Free to Love


I have just finished day 1 of the 21-day meditation challenge by the Chopra Centre. I felt a new stream of comfort and peace throughout my body. The theme is Free to Love. This 21-day challenge, each day for 15 minutes, is free to anyone, and it takes place 3 to 4 times a year. The program started on 16 July, but it is still not too late to sign up!  The past 7 days meditations are always there. This post discusses the 100 benefits of meditation.  Hope you will join me!

My other favorite way of “meditation” is to practise abdominal breathing while lying down on the floor or bed: breathing in, making your abdominal filled with air and your abdomen ballooning and bulging out, then slowly breathing out, making sure all the air is out and your abdomen caves in all the way. The best way of abdominal breathing is to repeat this breathe-in, breathe-out cycle for about 6 times in a minute for about 5 minutes. It is not as easy as it sounds, but one surely feels good afterwards.  The exercise also helps to lower blood pressure!!


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