The Weather in San Francisco

The British people comment on the weather when they greet each other. The San Franciscans are taking up the same habit, especially in the summer. When the rest of the U.S. States and many parts of the world are experiencing day temperatures of 90F to 106F (32C to 41C), San Francisco is “enjoying” a maximum average summer temperature in the low 60F’s around 15C). Hence, a popular quote, according to Wiki, which is incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain is: “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” Plus, the weather is dry in the summer, a double-bonus! While we complain here we are having such a cold summer, we should not really complain when many parts of the States (mid-west, northeast, and East coast) are suffering from temperatures in the 90Fs to 100Fs, and humidity of around 95%, occasional loss of electricity, and energy bill being 30 to 60% higher than normal!

Taking advantage of the slightly cool and sunny weather, I cleaned up my balcony today to create a nicer space for a sip of tea during the afternoons in the weekends (early mornings are still a bit too cool for sipping tea outside).


4 thoughts on “The Weather in San Francisco

  1. Thank you very much for visiting my blog.
    And in my country Romania, is very hot, with temperatures up to 40 degrees and the air stifling.
    Have a great Sunday! all the best for you! 🙂

    1. Thanks for liking my post, too! Wow, temperature in the 40C’s! We are still wearing scarves here sometimes at night! Hope you will find many pleasant ways to stay cool. Best wishes!

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