The City Of Light – Paris

Thanks to a fellow blogger Nia re-blogging someone else’s blog which links to Christa Kieffer’s pictures, I have discovered another great artist of the painter of light.  Her work reminds me of the work of my other favorite Californian artist Thomas Kinkade.  Christa focuses on painting the scenes from La Belle Époque, “the beautiful era”, and especially on Paris, the city of light, and uses glazes on her oil canvas to produce this luminous quality and depth of image.  She was born in Germany, but studied extensively in Europe, and has now settled in Point Reyes, California, about one-and-a-half hours from San Francisco.   There is so much romance, fluidity, small pleasures and elegance in her paintings.  I am sharing a few of my favorites here.

(Coming Home)

(A Parisian Flower Market)

(An Elegant Evening Out)


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