Simple Kitchen Makeover by Rearranging

I have learnt that kitchens can be neat and beautiful by adopting a few tricks (in an hour!):



*Tip #1: store all your dishwashing liquids in olive-oil cruets, your sponges and gloves in canisters, paper towels in a basket, minimize the colour schemes, and fit smaller dish rack and drain board in the sink.



*Tip #2: Organize by themes, such as pattern or material, put the taller objects at the back but stagger the heights and shapes, remove anything that doesn’t belong e.g. books and art, and put the items you need often on the counter-top in nice baskets.



(courtesy of Ann Armbruster • Tria Giovan • Kim Freeman @elle decor)

*Tip #3: Clear the counter by putting ingredients such as oil and condiments in the cabinet near the range, and storing infrequently-used pots, pans and utensils in pantries, as well as selected cooking tools on pitchers, then add a small table with storing shelves to fill up the void, store the extra papers and bills in baskets, and use colour-coordinated area rug and dish towels to make the tone of the room consistent.


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