Celebrating Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary and Showcasing Tangerine Tango

Next Sunday, May 27th will be San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary. There is also an iPhone app to celebrate the event. The beautiful image below is emblazoned in the Shawlux scarf.

Some fun facts about the Golden Gate Bridge:

1.  The bridge is not named for its colour but for the strait called “Golden Gate Strait” which the bridge spans and is the entrance by water way from the Pacific Ocean to the San Francisco Bay.  The bridge is painted its own formula colour called international orange.  It is painted from end-to-end every year continuously since it was built in 1937.

2. The bridge was built in only 4 years and cost the deaths of 11 workers instead of the projected 30 people (assuming 1 fatal casualty per $1 million of cost).  According to Go California, one of the bridge’s safety innovations was a net suspended under the floor. This net saved the lives of 19 men during construction, and they are often called the members of the “Half Way to Hell Club.

More fun facts can be found here.

Updated for the fireworks display on May 27, 2012 (photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk).


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