The House and Garden I Like Best

Well, this is not Pemberley, Mr. Darcy’s house.

This is Newnham College where I used to attend university.  Founded in 1871, Newnham College is one of the 3 women’s colleges among a total of 31 colleges at the University of Cambridge, England.  Not until 1948 were the first university degrees granted to women students, instead of just exam results or College Certificates.  The College is the place where the students receive their supervision (small-group tutoring, not lecture), dine and board.  Every student goes to the subject department for lectures.  The first photo is a picture of Sidgwick Hall (courtesy of Lawrence Ong), one of the residence halls; Henry Sidgwick was the huge energy behind the founding of Newnham College, a place for women’s education.  The second picture shows the same hall but in 1890 (courtesy of Francis Frith).  Newnham is well-known for its beautiful garden.


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