Serve Yourself with Avocado

Avocado sauce
Courtesy of who also loves Joe Yonan

One of my favorite cooks is Joe Yonan who is the chief food editor for the Washington Post.  Delicious, simple ingredients, fusion, sophistication, health characterize his recipes.   I especially love those in his cookbook “Serve Yourself” which provides recipes for people who cook alone though practically all the recipes can be adjusted to cooking for many.  I have recently tried and adapted this simple but delicious recipe: poached chicken with avocado, lemon and garlic sauce and mango slices and have repeated quite a few times for myself and friends and we all love it.  Essentially the steps are:

1.  Poach a couple of chicken breasts in a large pan with boiling water cooked with ginger slices and sea-salt.  Make sure the water covers all the chicken.  When the water is boiling, cover the pan with the lid and switch to low heat and simmer for about 15 minutes.

2.  While the chicken is cooking, prepare the avocado sauce by smearing the cut-up avocado, mixing in some finely-chopped garlic and then squeezing some lemon juice over the paste.  Mix well and chill.  Pour this sauce on the chicken meat when cooked.

3.  Add a few mango slices on the side and enjoy the flavour of the dish.

Do you know about the plentiful nutrients of avocado and the avocado tree flower is a simple beauty?


One thought on “Serve Yourself with Avocado

  1. A few weeks ago I planted avocado seed… and I have a little leaves now… I am not sure will be going to blossom but should be so nice if I have… Thank you, I loved your post. With my love, nia

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