Fun Facts About Goats

Courtesy of the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and the University of Georgia, here are some fun facts about goats:

Baby goats are called kids.

Males are called bucks.

Females are called does and usually have 2 kids a year.

There are 7 recognized diary goat breeds in the U.S.: Alpine, La Mancha, Oberhasli, Nubian, Saanen. Toggenburg and Sable.

Goats give an average of one gallon of milk per day.

They are very discriminating eaters; but they love to eat paper!

Goat can be born with or without horns.  Goat with horns are sometimes called buttheads.




6 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Goats

  1. I love the article about goats. We we have goats.
    Lapete is very healthy, also derived from it, cream and cheese!
    Hope you have a wonderful day. Stefania fondly! 🙂

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